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Faculty of Economics

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Our graduate and undergraduate degree programs seek to educate students in the business management science. Our courses in these programs are designed in accordance with the rapidly changing marker environment with a special focus on innovation, team leadership, market research, and investment. Moreover, our BBA/MBA programs aim to build a bridge between the academic environment and the outside world as we are intending to prepare students with a good grounding knowledge in various fields of business studies such as economics, accounting & finance, leadership, management, and marketing. The programs equip graduates with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex business problems and making the right decisions. Bakhtar University is proud to have graduated more than 2,500 students in business management science since 2008. The students at our BBA program must complete a total number of 135 credits in order to be graduated. MBA students who have business background must study 42 credits coursework in order to complete their MBA degree whereas for non-business background students their coursework is 54 credits to accomplish their MBA program. Importantly, at the end of the MBA coursework, students are required to complete their 6 credit hours of project/research/internship report for the successful completion of their programs.


Our vision is to become one of the top-ranked faculties in the region in market-based and research-oriented education and academic excellence with a special emphasis on technology and innovation.


 The fundamental mission of the Bakhtar University Faculty of Economics is to build excellence in business administration education, to prepare innovative and professional leaders through learning, research, innovation and technology



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Strategic Plan

Faculty of Economics

Strategic Plan 2019-23


Debate “The role of education in poverty reduction and job creation”

Bakhtar University faculty of economics organized an academic debate entitled “Root Causes of Poverty and Role of Quality Education in Poverty Alleviation in Afghanistan by the faculty members.

Moreover, poverty in all its forms as the number one on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda for 2030, combined with a range of strategies by international organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UNDP, etc., is a global pledge and a sincere concern for poverty reduction to improve human development and good livelihoods.

Afghanistan despite absorbing hundreds of billions of USD aid from the aforementioned international organizations still retains its position for being one of the lowest ranked countries on UNDP's human development index, at 169 out of 189 nations covered, and will continue to need significant assistance from the international community to tackle its ever-rising poverty trend since 2012.

The key highlights of the debate were:

• The perception, trends, and dynamics of poverty in Afghanistan

• Education and its linkage with poverty alleviation

• Role of quality education in income and economic development

• Education and labor productivity – Case studies of Nepal and Thailand

• The causes of the miracle growth models in the Chinese economy over the past 60 years

• Main causes of poverty in Afghanistan – Policy implication

It’s worth mentioning that the debate was attended by a wide range of students from different faculties and had a worthwhile question and answer session in the end.

Seminar in CV-Writing and Human Resources  Development

Bakhtar University Faculty of Economics organized a "CV-writing and human resources development" Seminar for a day that was presented by a foreign Prof. Dr.Vidas.Golhar-Principal at the College of Commerce, Pune-India.

In addition, the main seminar agenda was for the session;

1-Contemporary career avenues for management graduates,

2- Preparedness and marketing of self (profile, resume, and interviews.

In addition to that sent out imperative knowledge regarding contemporary human resources development materials and compelling market skills for students too. Fortunately, enormous students took part in this seminar.

At the end, the Q&A session was also conducted to further clarify the student's doubt in the subject.


Seminar  of Trust Building

Bakhtar University faculty of economics had organized the session of “Trust Building” which was organized by an expert and experienced person. The participants of this session were students of bachelor and master's and faculty members.

Lack of trust is globally accepted that will destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, and the deepest love.

On the other hand, if trust is developed and leveraged, it has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of life.

The module of the session;

1-Talked about trust that is common to every individual, relationship, team, family, organization, nation, economy, and civilization throughout the world.

2-The actual meaning of Trust, anatomy of Trust, how to build trust in different levels, Self-trust, Relationship-trust, organization Trust, Market Trust, and Society Trust.

3-Will learn how we can rebuild the broken trust.

Furthermore, the session was facilitated by the dean and members of the faculty.

The final session ended with a question and answer section.


Advance Excel  Seminar

Bakhtar University Faculty of Economics conducted an "Advance Excel" Seminar which was presented by Instructor Mr.Jawad Danish with the goal of enhancing students' skills in the area of Advanced Excel.

The agenda of the session was ;

1-Introduction to Microsoft Excel

2-Need of Microsoft Excel

3-Most commonly utilize excel formulas

Moreover, in this seminar honorable Voice chancellor and Dean of economics faculty and lecturers plus plenty of students participated.

The seminar ended with special gratitude from Mr.Jawad Danish for his astonishing lecture.


Industry Visit

Bakhtar University Faculty of Economics' had a visit to Meli Steel Company and National Museum.

Students of  different semesters have participated in this Academic and Scholastic visit; all participants (students) have been very delightful and happy about the experience and practical knowledge in areas of Operations, Management, HRM, Marketing, Supply Chain, Processing etc.


"We have learned so much in practical as we had its picture based upon the theory we have been studying at the University," couple students commented.


In the course of this visit, students have been given profound information about the values of culture, ancient history, cultural revolution and symbols at the National Museum.


The paramount reason for this cultural and academic visit was to provide the students with practical observation of what they have been studying as a theory.


In conclusion, it was a very fruitful and unprescribed experience for Students of Management Sciences, and they appreciated such efforts and programs arranged by the Faculty.

Exhibition of Business and Sport Gala 2022

Bakhtar University faculty of economics has organized two days exhibition under the “Title of Business and Sport Gala” which was sponsored by the local Companies and Bakhtar University.

The participants of this exhibition were domestic companies and students & spectators.

Moreover, the purpose of the exhibition was of development of market and introduction of Pure- Afghani products to customers and students.

Furthermore, enhancement of knowledge regarding entrepreneurship and capacity building of students. Beside this is to enrich students with skills of practical business knowledge. Further to make the event enthusiastic sports exhibition was also held for the participants.

Therefore, this exhibition held once in a year by the Bakhtar university faculty of economics.

The exhibition ended with the certificate distribution to the runner-up and other participants for his cooperation and future endeavors.


Seminar of Say goodbye to joblessness

Bakhtar University Faculty of economics’ launched a seminar about “Joblessness”.

The Seminar was presented by the Lecture of economics’ faculty Mr. Mohammad Bilal Atta.

Further, Honorable Dean and HOD of faculty were also present.

The Main module of this seminar were :

How to find a job?

How to make a strong Resume?

How to give an outstanding job interview?

How to inspire panel members in interview?

Moreover, in this seminar skills which are required for having an effective interview and a strong CV and general information about recruitment process has been also thought to students.

The seminar was concluded with conducted feedback session about the seminar which was affirmative from students .

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