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Faculty of Economics

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Our graduate and undergraduate degree programs seek to educate students in the business management science. Our courses in these programs are designed in accordance with the rapidly changing marker environment with a special focus on innovation, team leadership, market research, and investment. Moreover, our BBA/MBA programs aim to build a bridge between the academic environment and the outside world as we are intending to prepare students with a good grounding knowledge in various fields of business studies such as economics, accounting & finance, leadership, management, and marketing. The programs equip graduates with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex business problems and making the right decisions. Bakhtar University is proud to have graduated more than 2,500 students in business management science since 2008. The students at our BBA program must complete a total number of 135 credits in order to be graduated. MBA students who have business background must study 42 credits coursework in order to complete their MBA degree whereas for non-business background students their coursework is 54 credits to accomplish their MBA program. Importantly, at the end of the MBA coursework, students are required to complete their 6 credit hours of project/research/internship report for the successful completion of their programs.


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