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Submission Guidelines –
Bakhtar Journal
of Management

Thank you for considering submitting your research work to Bakhtar Journal of

Management. To ensure a smooth and successful submission process, please

adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Scope and Focus:

1.1 Research Areas:

  • We welcome submissions in various academic disciplines, including but not limited to natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, humanities, and interdisciplinary studies.

  • Ensure that your research aligns with the scope and focus of Bakhtar Journal of Management by reviewing our aims and scope on our website.

1.2 Originality:

  • Only submit original research work that has not been previously published or is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  • Avoid plagiarism by appropriately citing and acknowledging the work of others.


​2. Manuscript Preparation:

2.1 Formatting:

  • Prepare your manuscript according to the guidelines specified in our Author Guidelines section.

  • Ensure that your manuscript is well-structured, clear, and follows the standard conventions of academic writing.

2.2 Length and Language:

  • There is no strict word limit, but manuscripts should be of appropriate length to convey the research effectively.

  • Use clear and concise language, adhering to grammatical and syntactical conventions. Non-native English speakers may consider professional editing services to enhance the clarity of their writing.

​3. Submission Process:

3.1 Online Submission:

  • Submit your manuscript through our online submission system, which can be accessed on our website.

  • Provide all required information accurately, including author details, affiliations, and contact information.

3.2 File Format:

  • Submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word or a compatible format.

  • Ensure that all figures, tables, and supplementary material are included in the manuscript file.

3.3 Cover Letter:

  • Include a cover letter that briefly introduces your research and highlights its significance.

  • Mention any conflicts of interest, funding sources, or other relevant information.

​4. Ethical Considerations:

4.1 Research Integrity:

  • Ensure that your research adheres to high ethical standards, including obtaining appropriate approvals for studies involving human subjects or animals.

  • Clearly state any ethical considerations, informed consent processes, and safeguards for data protection and privacy.

4.2 Authorship and Acknowledgments:

  • List all authors who have made substantial contributions to the research. Ensure that all listed authors have reviewed and approved the final manuscript.

  • Acknowledge the contributions of individuals or organizations that do not meet the criteria for authorship but have provided support or assistance.

5. Review Process:

5.1 Peer Review:

  • All submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process to assess their scientific quality, methodology, originality, and relevance.

  • The review process is confidential, and the identities of authors and reviewers are kept anonymous.

5.2 Reviewer Suggestions:

  • Authors may suggest potential reviewers who have expertise in their research area. However, the final selection of reviewers is at the discretion of the editorial board.

6. Editorial Decision:

6.1 Decision Types:

  • Upon completion of the peer review process, you will receive one of the following editorial decisions: Accept, Minor Revision, Major Revision, or Reject.

  • In case of revision, carefully address all comments and suggestions provided by the reviewers and editors.


​7. Copyright:

7.1 Licensing:

  • Email:

  • Ensure that you have obtained necessary permissions for any copyrighted material included in your manuscript.

8. Contact Us:

If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding the submission process or submission guidelines, please contact us at:




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