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About Bakhtar University:

Bakhtar University (BU) is one of the Afghanistan’s oldest and most prestigious privately held institutions. It was established in 2005 from a small beginning at Kabul Polytechnic University, through its current location at Kart-e-Char. Bakhtar University is now recognized as being an integral part of Kabul. BU offers a variety of specialists in postgraduate and undergraduate in the areas of Business, Finance and Information Technology, Law, Political Science, Engineering, Journalism which are directly linked to the human resource needs of the Afghanistan

Work With Us

06 April, 2023 - 16 April, 2023

05 April, 2023 -  15 April, 2023

 05 Nov, 2023-  15 Nov, 2023

 07 Dec, 2023-  15 Dec, 2023

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